21 Desember, 2008

AC Milan unveil Beckham

DAVID BECKHAM has admitted it will be "tough" to leave AC Milan - after the Italian giants insisted he could stay as long as he wants.

The ex-England skipper was unveiled to the world's media - watched by wife Victoria - after joining on loan from LA Galaxy until March 9.

AC vice-president Adriano Galliani claimed: "The doors will be open for all the periods he wants to come back and maybe who knows even remain in Milan.”

Becks uttered a few words in Italian - and then claimed it was a "dream" to join Milan after Three Lions boss Fabio Capello urged him to find a top club.

The former Manchester United midfielder, 33, said: “You have to excuse my Italian. I’m still learning.

"Buona sera, thanks from my heart, it’s an honour. I love Italy and I’m very happy to be here.

"I’m very happy to be here it’s a great honour. I’ve been very lucky to play for some of the biggest clubs in the world.

"I’m very honoured with this chance and I’m going to enjoy myself.

"It’s going to be great fun and I hope to give everything like I’ve always done in my career.

"Thank you. Grazie mille.”

Beckham, who will wear Milan's No 32, admitted that a loan move was the only way to save his international career because of Major League Soccer's lengthy close-season break .

He added: "I need to keep myself fit and keep playing during the season. With five months off, I can’t do that.

"I was grateful to be given this opportunity. I wouldn’t take it if I didn’t think I could help the team and club. That’s what I came here to do.

"It’s not about anything else than the football."

Becks admitted Capello's views were the deciding factor.

He said: “I have to be playing and well and be fit.

"It’s great he’s given me a chance with England. It looked in doubt quite a few times.

Fabio was the person that I respect greatly in the game.

"When I decided to go on loan I asked his advice.

“I said I wanted to play in Italy and Milan but he said the best thing for you is to play football at the highest level wherever that is, England or Spain.


"If a player is not at the top level, to play at international level is impossible.

"I’ve done it for a few months but what is great about Capello is, wherever you're playing, if you’re playing well he’ll give you a chance to play."

Becks added: "Everybody knows how much it means to me playing for my country. Whether it’s five or 10 minutes I’ll always be there for my country."

"I’ve got 107 caps when I didn’t think I would get 96. I hope it continues and I’m going to do everything to make it continue."

But the ex-Real Madrid ace played down Milan's open-door message.
Becks said: "I’m a Galaxy player and will go back there.
"I will be playing as well as I can to keep being selected and that’s all I can do.
"It will be tough to leave the club, I’ve left two of the biggest clubs in the world now. But I’m going to enjoy being here."

The 150 journalists who packed in to hear Beckham outnumbered fans waiting outside in the freezing cold by five to one.
But Galliani hopes Becks will soon become an idol.

He said: “After a flirting period that lasted since the summer of 2007 we finally got David." (thsun)

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