23 Desember, 2008

Bare-ack Obama

HE’S the world’s most powerful man, dashingly handsome and about to be sworn in as America’s first black President.

And if any blokes out there weren’t already feeling inferior . . . yes, Barack Obama also has a V spot.

The new US Commander-in-Chief — or maybe Commander in Briefs — couldn’t resist whipping off his T-shirt and showing off the taught lines of abdominal muscle while on holiday in Hawaii with wife Michelle and their girls.

His buff chest and toned tum belie his 47 years and show he’s got more in common with George Clooney than George Bush.

It also seems he visits the same chest-waxing salon as Chelsea’s Frank Lampard.

There is just a crumb of comfort for us ordinary men — at least we can nip to the boozer for a quick pint without a cavalcade of TWENTY police motorcycles roaring after us.

For while Barack found time to chill out and play a round of golf with his aides, his twitchy security servicemen couldn’t afford to be so relaxed.

They have been watching his every move in case anyone should try to have a pop at the President-elect.

The squad bikes lined the front of the compound where the Obamas are staying and secret servicemen prowled the perimeter with headsets.

Super-fit Barack leaves all other political heavyweights looking just that — chubby and out of shape.(sun)

*Uneasy riders ... Barack's twitchy security team included 20 guards on motorbikes

*Hot stuff ... Obama with beach towel and, right, playing golf

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