14 November, 2008

HIV immigrant free to infect hundreds

AN illegal immigrant with HIV is feared to have infected hundreds of women in a massive health scandal, it emerged yesterday.

The Jamaican man roamed a hospital unmonitored for nearly a year looking for sex with other patients.

Now health chiefs have written to 420 women warning they may have the deadly virus.

The man — known as Mr A — came to the UK in 2002 on a visitor’s visa.

He has admitted to sleeping with dozens of girls after prowling nightclubs in Leicester.

Dr Philip Monk, of the Health Protection Agency East Midlands, said: “He doesn’t know the number of women he had unprotected sex with.

“There’s a possibility it could be more than three figures.”

A condition linked to HIV saw Mr A admitted to the Brandon mental health unit at Leicester General Hospital last December.

In May, medics were warned by the Border and Immigration Agency that his visa had expired and he was in the UK illegally.

Yet despite this, he was not monitored and went on to romp with vulnerable patients.

Some sessions may have been INSIDE the unit.

Doctors learned the truth two weeks ago when a married patient confessed.

Officials held talks in Whitehall over fears hundreds of women may be infected.

A source said: “It’s literally panic stations.”

The National Aids Trust advised worried people to contact sex clinics or NHS Direct.

The Home Office refused to discuss the case but a source said Mr A will be deported if he is not charged. (thesun)

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