14 November, 2008

Pregnant man Tom having baby no2

THE sex-swap man who stunned the world by giving birth is pregnant again, it has emerged.

Bearded Thomas Beatie is expected to have his new baby around June 12 — less than a year after daughter Susan Juliette was born.

The 34-year-old American told a US chat show yesterday: “I feel good. I’ve had my check-ups. Everything is right on track.”

He stopped taking pills aimed at making him more manly so he could have another tot.

Thomas, from Bend, Oregon, was born a woman called Tracy and had a sex change in 2002 — but kept his womb. Bodybuilder wife Nancy Roberts, 47, artificially inseminated him.

The couple took the controversial step because Nancy had undergone a hysterectomy and they wanted a biological child.

Thomas previously said: “Being pregnant doesn’t make me feel any less of a man.

“I did not feel maternal or motherly or womanly and pregnant. I felt like Nancy’s husband, and I felt like the father of my child.”

He claims he is already explaining the situation to their daughter by reading her books about male seahorses carrying their young.

But Thomas — whose book about his life goes on sale this week — denies that he has been motivated by fame and money offers. (thesun)

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